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How to improve safety in an electrical substation

  An electrical substation is the heart of a transmission and distribution system; Therefore, it is necessary to establish all security measures to avoid any type of problem. Next, we list a series of practices to improve safety in an electrical substation: Demarcate restricted access areas An electrical substation is not designed to allow the passage of people. Accidents can be prevented by restricting access to the area. When it is absolutely necessary for a visitor to enter, they must be accompanied by qualified personnel who know the facility well. In addition to taking all precautions, personal protective equipment should always be worn. Review the one-line diagram By showing the configuration of the components within a substation, it is possible to show normal and abnormal conditions, as well as identify which ones should be isolated and grounded. Technicians should have the diagram – detailed and up-to-date – on hand to perform maintenance tasks. The goal is to provide you with